I have a blog?!

I've actually tried this once before. After a short while, I deleted the blog and after a while joined Facebook to keep up with family and friends...and let them know the happenings at "The Zoo" (our home's nickname) complete with pictures.

Well, my Facebook has been neglected. (I think I've cured any addiction to the games that I may have been developing.)

I still take pictures almost daily of...well, lots of stuff. (Because with a digital camera, we can now take pictures of more and more random stuff in our lives without a second mortgage to see the picture!)

So, here I am starting this blog of The Life and Times of Me and Mine!

I may have to change some names to protect the innocent or guilty...or just prevent my kids from neglecting me when I'm old from the embarrassment I cause now.

So, here goes...

Friday, April 29, 2011

Charleston! My favorite city!

This is the ending, but the beginning is yet to come and eventually this tale will be told...

"Little pink houses for you and me..." We were lucky enough to get a tour of the "The Pink House" which is the oldest house in Charleston. Very cool!! This house was built in the 1690's and in an area that wasn't destined to be a middle class home. It was a brothel and tavern until about the 1930's entertaining pirates and sailors. Today it is a gallery. We met the artist, Alice Stewart Grimsley, and even bought one of her Rainbow Row prints.
The Pink House's "new roof" it is made of thigh tiles (made on the plantations by molding the clay on the workers thigh to form the shape) and was put on the house in the 1800's...new by Charleston standards on a house over 300 years old.

The red staining his lips and surrounding area along with a smile added to the new eye roll he gives the camera make him look like the Joker from Batman.

Can you hear the sound effects of his Ben 10-esque powers?

WHAT?! WHY isn't the fountain on for us to play in?! They way the kids kept asking Steve and I and following up with "WHEN will it be back on?" You'd have thought we personally cut it off to ruin one of their most favorite stops in Charleston!

This picture would be titled "Waiting on the Girls". One last "pit stop" in the parking garage before the drive home.

This was getting a close-up of this new "look" Corey has begun giving the camera. Well, at least, it captured one of the eye rolls. And this was the end of a great two days in Charleston.

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